Interview with Dr. A P Singh, Supreme Court Advocate & Defence Lawyer of Nirbhaya Case

Interview of Dr. A P Singh

Hello Everyone ! here we invited a Famous Defence Lawyer of India, Dr. A P Singh, who is an intelligent needs no introduction. Dr. A P Singh is also a good writer who has written the following books.
Damini A Political Murder (Hindi & English)
Lalu Prasad Rise & Fall king Maker
Asharam Bapu Story & Depth

Dr. A P Singh is very professional & Dedicated to his work.

Sir, Please give us your short Introduction that from where you belong & from where you completed Your Law Studies ?

My Name is Dr. A P Singh, My Place of birth is in Bareilly Mandal, Uttar Pradesh, I completed my LLB from Lucknow University and LLM from Delhi University.

I am currently practicing in the Supreme Court as well as i’m the National General Secretary of the Lawyer Federation and the Lawyer Welfare Association.

Sir, Please tell us your Motivating Factor which helped you in choosing Legal Studies.

It is very important that why I chosen law, Somewhere I felt that the police could not do the right justice, like making wrong cases, preparing wrong testimony. I realized that many poor people cannot get justice, somewhere their voice gets suppressed, they have to face trouble. Client has to suffer by unnecessarily trouble and also mislead by some group of dishonest lawyers.

I always try to work for the public at large that lies to make a Layman to a law man, that is very important in India to work for Legal aid, actually legal profession in India is very Struggling.

It is very clear that it is not possible for police to investigate the matter purely then how can a common man get Justice ? It is not easy for a common man to get justice in India.

The goddess of justice is blind for them but ear are open, and somewhere the goddess of justice listen to the only those persons who have political power and it is clearly visible from her scales which are tilted on one side and raised on the other side.

That tilted part shows pressure somewhere. Which affects the whole judicial system and it also influenced me which I consider to be the motivating factor for myself.

What Should a Law student do in your opinion to shape up his profile for Litigation ?

I believe that when the spirit of doing something is determined, do not give up. Practice should continue continuously because man never stops learning, always try. Maybe there will come a time that you will be in poverty, but you do not have to bow down, you have to move forward with the same strength and you have to raise your voice against the shortcomings in this system.

There is a need to use the principles of Gandhi ji, following the path of non-violence that he had told, set your goal and achieve it, and keep fighting against injustice.

Do you had any Law Background which helped you to reach here ?

My maternal uncle was a lawyer and my father was a police officer, he could make me a police officer, but he did not because somewhere he also felt that the police could not do justice and he thought it better to make me a lawyer .

When you started Practice, how you reached here as one of the famous Defense Lawyer in India ?

I started practicing in Delhi and am currently practicing in the Supreme Court.

Initially everyone had to struggle but later I played an important role in many cases, I was also in the case of Sant Rampal as he was charged with many serious allegations and clauses.

I have also played a role in the Dera Sacha Sauda case as well as Case of several Aam Aadmi Party MLAs in Delhi, many MPs and MLAs from Odisha, several Naxalite-related cases in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, and cases of many Bahubali leaders. I was also lawyer in a case of Ram temple. As I am also associated with the All India Kshatriya Mahasabha, I also look into the matters related to it and the affairs of Bar Councils of many states.

In the Nirbhaya case, the fine manner in which you put forth the law was worthy of praise, what do you think about the obstacle that came in your way ?

There are many flaws in our law and struggle is a part of life, it is better to ignore the attitude of the people. There is a saying that

ना हार में ना जीत में किंचित नहीं भयभीत में,
कर्तव्य पथ पर जो मिला वो भी सही ये भी सही ।

See, I believe that if you are putting the side of someone in the court who is your client, who has come to your shelter, then you should not see virtue and demerit, just you should take the responsibility of protecting it and I believe that the provision of capital punishment should not be in law in the country because only he who has given life has the right to take life, who has not given life, why should he take life? Right! And I consider hanging to be the official killing of the poor. Evidence in India is preferred over truth, which is absolutely false. Truth should be the first priority.

Also, Gandhiji’s idea of ​​non-violence should be in the judiciary, as the death penalty is always to a poor or middle class person. Many decisions are motivated by pressure from politics and the public and this pressure makes the justice system hollow. If this happens, how can a common man get justice? There is a need for a change in the judicial system and I keep trying for it.

Sir, What would be your Message for Law Students and New Advocates ?

As we can see many judges giving politically motivated decisions, for example former Chief Justice, who was sent to Rajyasabha. Not only this, there are many judges who are in the process of securing seats for themselves and their family members and take decisions under political and public pressure.

I believe that such decisions should be reconsidered. There is a saying that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, but it should not be where the evidence is held above the truth.

I have also consistently voiced for the rights of Men that just “as there is a Women’s commission for Women, in the same way a Men’s commission should be constituted for Men” and all should voice for the truth.

I am struggling to remove the provision of capital punishment from the law so that when I remember history tomorrow, remember among those who save lives, not those who kill.

I believe that people should do two things in their life, either do such things that people keep writing about you or write something that people keep reading you.

Through your website, I would also like to give the message that do not give up, change is needed, revolution is needed, time for change, otherwise the concept of justice will end.

People will not trust the judiciary and gowns. We have to come forward for our concept, our normative policies, our society. Also, anytime, anywhere all of you, new lawyers, students need my help or guidance, I am always with you.

Thank You so much sir, for your precious Time to E-Justice India.

Always Welcome, You are doing a very good job.