Interview with Adv. Kulin Dave, Managing Partner of Dave & Rizvi Advocates

After exchanging the pleasantries, Aarjav Jain, on behalf of E Justice India, began interviewing Mr. Kulin Dave (Advocate).

Interviewer “Sir, no one is unfamiliar about your myriad expertise but sir it would be very kind of you if you please tell readers little about yourself?”

Interviewee – My name is Kulin Dave. I am a managing partner in Dave & Rizvi, Advocates which is in Mumbai. We are basically a cross border transactional firm and advise our clients to give justice with respect to regulatory compliance and litigation. We have different areas of practice as well which includes telecommunication technology media as well as Intellectual Property Rights.

Interviewer What motivated you to pursue law or choosing law as career option?

Interviewee – So, in a family of a farmer I wished to become a doctor but my family forced me to do law, then during my first internship law came over me. I found it very interesting because my mentor was that good, so, I thought that Okay! Law is for me. That is when I started taking law seriously.

Interviewer Sir, what was the matter or case which resulted as a turning point of your career?

Interviewee – It was a quiet funny case honestly; it was a divorce case or a matrimonial dispute where a wife had filed a divorce petition based on the matter that the husband is not putting a Wi-Fi connection at home, so the way my senior argued on behalf of my client i.e. the wife that Wi-Fi is the necessity at this point of time and is not been provided with that. So, we got order passed was in our favor. So, this really turned me.

Interviewer Sir, are you a 1st generation lawyer?

Interviewee – Yes, I am a 1st generation lawyer in my family.

Interviewer It would be very inspirational for the readers if you share with us as to what a reader should do if he wants a reader should do if he wants to establish himself in today’s era?

Interviewee – So being a first generation lawyer not been label to work under any person so that is the nature. I started my firm when I was 24 i.e. as soon as my graduation completed. So, I struggled and I always had a quote in my mind which Henry Ford used to say “Vision without execution is just hallucination”. So, I always wanted to be an executioner.

Interviewer Sir, as an expert in the field of Intellectual Property Right, what are the upcoming challenges in IPR and the way forward to it?

Interviewee – The upcoming challenges in the field of IPR are artificial intelligence & cryptocurrency. These are very new field of interest and area which are upcoming in the field of Intellectual Property Right and those are very interesting topics as well. We can overcome the challenges by learning, so there is a very interesting case which happened in a case of patent right, an artificial intelligence company filed a patent as they said that the inventor was the artificial intelligence and not the human being, so world is progressing like this, so the registry said that the patent is a creation of human mind, and artificial intelligence is itself a creation of humans. Thus, inventor cannot be an artificial intelligence; it can only be a human mind. So, these are the progress which are going on with respect to artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency which are very exciting in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

Interviewer Sir, as we can see amid this covid crises, everyone prefer digital payments due to technological development & hygiene issue don’t you think this will make us more vulnerable to hackers, fraudster or commercial negligence?

Interviewee – It depends upon the companies like if a company is following protocols from PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) that is security standards or Technology Company or a gateway company to follow. If these standards are been followed then it would be very difficult for the hackers to hack the system.

Interviewer Sir, tell us about the most interesting or difficult case you have settled till now?

Interviewee – The most interesting and difficult case which I am settling now, it is currently going on, is a private equity transaction. The client of ours is a premium gateway company so, they are refusing investment in exchange for promissory note or letter of credit. Challenge is to en cash them during the time of transaction and subscribes them shares without losing our client’s interest. So, this is an ongoing transaction which is quite very interesting. So, this is something which I came across.

  • Interviewer Sir, to solve number of cases one needs to cultivate some habits. What habits according to you, does a student need at this time?

Interviewee – There are two things which I always encourage my interns is always look on to a most comprehensive draft you have, it clears your basics, it gives you more idea about it and second is that do not hesitate to ask a question, if you hesitate to ask a question, your research will always be incomplete.

Interviewer Sir, from the recent stage we can see people accusing government for releasing the identity of Covid patient, and they are accusing on the ground that it’s confidential information that cannot be released and should be kept private according to Medicine law & policy. What’s your take on this?

Interviewee – In my opinion, when government issued the telemedicine guidelines they guaranteed that they would be having confidentiality with respect to Covid-19 patients, but as we can see that it is a pandemic. So, if a government even if it is stated in law that a government seeks any information from medical practitioner, he is bound to give the data to the government. Interviewer asked if this is so then it would defeat the purpose of fundamental right of an individual. To which he agreed and said but this is a situation which is not under control to get on it the government can do so. He had a neutral answer.

Interviewer Sir, how can we get an internship under Adv. Kulin Dave?

Interviewee – It is quite easy, I don’t have much choice and also, I don’t take many interviews. I just feel like if you are applying for an internship, I judge a candidate by referring to his cover letter. You can apply

Interviewer Sir, what does you expect your intern should know?

Interviewee – I expect honesty, dedication and sincerity.

Interviewer Sir, any message you would like to give to our reader?

Interviewee -I would like to thank E-Justice India for having me. It is my pleasure and I feel you all have been too kind to me. I would take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has been part of my journey for making me what I am today.

We extend our vote of thanks to Mr. Kulin Dave for sharing his inspirational story and taking time out from his busy schedule.

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