J and K administration lied Supreme Court regarding detention of Congress leader Saifuddin Soz

The day after SC disposed off Saifuddin Soz wife’s petition regarding his illegal detention, Saifuddin Soz stated that it is blatant lie told by J and K administration to SC of India.

He told that when he tried to move out of his house In Srinagar police officers stopped him stating that they have orders for same from higher officials and media persons standing in front of his house were fled away.

However, he climbed the wall of his house and had a word with media persons. He told that he will be approaching court again for this lie at any cost and state how is constitutional rights are being violated.

His statement was in complete contradiction with affidavit presented by J and K administration which stated that ‘he was never illegally detained nor under house arrest’.

Senior Advocate Abhishek Singhvi presenting his petition said that if all these facts are factually established then J and K administration will be held responsible for ‘Perjury and Contempt of Court’.

By Eshika Singla

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