‘Plea filed before Delhi High Court to close down all liquor shops’

A Petition has been filed before the Delhi High Court to close down all liquor shops in the city until COVID-19 contagion comes under control.

The Petition has been preferred by Civil Safety Council of India (Petitioner) and is likely to be listed for hearing on May 8.

Filed through Advocate Arvind Vashitha, the Petition submits that the May 3 decision of the Delhi Government to re-open liquor shops across the city amid COVID-19 pandemic, without any planning and crowd management, was not in consonance with the Directive Principles of State Policy for improvement of public health.The Petitioner has informed the Court that on the first day of re-opening of liquor shops after a 40-day dry spell, long queue of people could be seen.

Instead of closing the shops, the Delhi Government increased the liquor prices by 70% by imposing a special fee but large crowd continued to gather outside liquor shops, violating all social distancing guidelines.

It is asserted that the decision to keep liquor shops open would result in further enhancement of cases of COVID-19 infection.

“The people of Delhi are facing complete lockdown from last so many days but the present notification qua opening of liquor shops, failed the whole system created by the Respondents/State, admittedly is going waste, down the drain & put the life of citizens of Delhi in danger.”, the Petition reads.

In view of the above, the Petitioner has prayed for a direction to the Delhi Government and State Excise Department to close all liquor shops till COVID-19 contagion persists.

By Aditya Dubey of Lloyd Law College