Karnataka High Court to have more benches to hear Extremely urgent cases through video Conference from 4th May

Karnataka High Court has notified that from May 4, two or three benches will be available to hear extremely urgent matters for two or three days in a week.The notification had the following important points:-

  1. Tentatively, bench may be available on 5th ,7th ,8th ,11th ,13th ,15th ,18th ,20th and 22th may 2020.Further dates shall be announced.
  2. The notification also states that advocate and parties in person who desire to move a pending case filed before March 25, at the principal seat of Bengaluru or at the benches at Dharwad and Kalaburagi or desire to e-file a new case shall forward a memo to email id of registrar judicial of the high court. The mail id is ‘regjudicial@hck.gov.in’.\
  3. The notice states that the memo shall contain all the details of making out an existence of extreme urgency in the pending case or making out a case of extreme urgency for filing a new matter. If a request for fixing the date of pending case is favourably considered by the Chief Justice, the registrar judicial will communicate the date fixed to the advocates and parties in person by sending email at the same email id which is stated in the memo.
  4. In the event a request for posting the matter which is already filed prior to March 25 or matter which is e-filed is accepted, the advocates and or parties in person at whose instance the date fixed shall serve by email or by way of message on cell phone to all advocates and parties in person who have already caused appearance in the case.
  5. No advocate including any government advocate or prosecutor shall be permitted to remain personally present at the time of hearing and all of them will participate through video conference. Exceptions will be made only in the case of Advocate General, Additional Advocate General or Additional Solicitor General of India.
  6. The advocates or parties in person shall maintain decorum and shall not use inappropriate language while sending emails to the registrar judicial considering the fact that registrar judicial is a district judge.
  7. The Advocates or the parties in person shall not make multiple requests in the same case by sending emails to the registrar judicial. The processing of requests received through email will take maximum period of 48 hours.

By Priyanka of SPPU