Law School Review : Know About Sharda University, Greater Noida

Sharda university knowledge park III Greater Noida is one of the best options in private universities and college that a student could opt for. The advertisements and the promotion banners say that ‘the world is here’, these are not just words but the beautiful reality of this university.

Students from several countries approach Sharda university for shaping up their career forward. The campus including the large grounds, basketball, football court, cricket ground, number of hostels and the academic blocks have a great ambiance and a peaceful environment to focus on what the student wishes to. The campus also has a temple, cafes and stores in it.

All this was about the campus. The real treasure this university possess is the way it provides knowledge, skills and all-round opportunities. Being a law student in this university I would specifically speak about the quality education given to the students here. When we look at the law block and the interior of the law block it itself reflects professionalism. Then talking about the teaching and the non- teaching staff here, not exaggerating but reveling the real facts that the professors here have great amount of knowledge and have a nature that would help every student even the beginners to converse with them.

They are 24×7 available for the students. Not just they are the academics guides but also a kind of moral support for them. And especially mentioning the dean of School of Law of Sharda university Dr. Pradeep Kulshreshtha, he is the best mentor that a student may dreams of. He’s full of enthusiasm to conduct regular visit of student to places like high courts, supreme court, district courts, parliament and all spots that could help the law student widen their knowledge. Regular moot court competitions and various other competitions are organised, to bring a competitive thinking within the upcoming lawyers of this country.

Internship opportunities are given to the students from the first year itself so they could step into this field professionally. Initially they are offered internships in some well-known NGOs or juvenile homes where they get to work as counselor. Then as the students start gaining more of legal knowledge they are suggested good lawyer under whom they can intern or places like consumer forum. Many learned and well-known legal luminaries are invited here so that the budding advocates could have a word with them and have contacts with them and that could help them in their careers ahead.

Also, regular seminars are conducted where the each one needs to be interactive and speak up. Due to all such activity and internships the individual becomes a good orator. Then the most important of all, the final placements given in the final year are quite satisfactory and there are good law firms and different organisations that come for campus selections. Even after being a private university the placement feedbacks are good here. Also, the pass out students can work here itself as the teaching staff.

Name of the Student : PRAYUKTA KAR

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