Online Internship Opportunity at CSM Partners and Associates LLP

About CSM Partners & Associates LLP

CSM Partners & Associates LLP was founded with a vision to deliver exceptional solutions for a wide range of legal matters. Our journey began with a commitment to providing high-quality legal services, and over the years, we have expanded our expertise to encompass various legal domains. Our team of accomplished attorneys specializes in areas such as corporate law, constitutional matters, civil and criminal writs, bail matters, and more.

We have rapidly emerged as a prominent legal firm known for our adept handling of complex legal challenges. With a dedication to our clients and a legacy of legal expertise, CSM Partners & Associates LLP continues to provide invaluable guidance to individuals, businesses, and organizations. We remain resolute in our mission to offer efficient solutions, tackling legal and bureaucratic hurdles for both local businesses and foreign investors, contributing to their success in a dynamic legal landscape. Your legal needs are our priority, and we’re here to navigate them with you.


1. CSM Partners is looking for undergraduate law students as legal interns.
2. Interns are expected to have strong writing, Research and analytical skills along with basic knowledge of MS – Word.
3. Interns with prior experience of legal writing will be given preference.
5. The duration of internship would be four weeks which can be extended based on the interest and performance of the interns.


  1. You may update your position to ‘Intern at E-Justice India’ on your social media accounts. CSM Partners & Associates LLP is active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Please like and follow.
  2. Deadlines: – There will be reasonable deadlines given to the interns for their work. Interns are expected to adhere to those deadlines. Each interns’ performance will be tracked on an individual basis. We reserves the right to terminate the internship based on the non-fulfillment of the deadlines. If the internship is so terminated, the candidate will not be provided with the certificate and other perks
  3. You’ll be in touch with the Internship Coordinators through Whatsapp Group. All the reporting and dissemination of information will take place through the Mail or Whatsapp Group.


Applications are invited from students from recognized Law Institutions and Universities.  Candidates are expected to be proficient in legal research and writing, and should be willing to learn.


  • No stipend shall be provided for the Internship.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the internship at any time, if a selected candidate is found to not diligently fulfil his/her obligations during the internship period.
  • If the internship is so terminated, the candidate will not be provided with the certificate.

Last Date to Apply: 10 November, 2023

Duration: 15 November to 14 December

Interns will selected on the basis of their C.V and SOP

Application Procedure

Candidates have to apply through Mail, They have to mail their CV and SOP at

For any other queries, feel free to write us.