Orissa High Court suspends normal court working till May 17.

The Orissa High Court yesterday issued an office order intimating that its normal working shall remain suspended till May 17, in view of the extension of the COVID-19 lockdown by two weeks.

As per the office order, the High Court shall function on all five working days of the week with one Division Bench each on Tuesday and Thursday and five Single Benches on each working day from May 4 till May 15.

Hearings will be held through video conferencing.

Additionally, judges sitting on Division Benches will also hold Single Benches after completion of their Division Bench work.

Filing counters will continue to be open from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm on all working days during the above period. Adequate security arrangement will be made to ensure social distancing at the counters.

Furthermore, directions have been issued to Superintendents of all sections of the Court to maintain a roster arrangement of the staff ensuring 50% attendance in their respective sections for smooth functioning.

By Aditya Dubey of Lloyd Law College