Quizzical Karma, a national constitutional quiz competition by Nishkarsh Rashtriya Yuva Samagam

Greetings Everyone!

Competition is very important in our life, As if there is no competition then how we can enjoy the success of our life.

Keeping this in mind Nishkarsh Rashtriya Yuva Samagam present Quizzical Karma, it’s 2nd edition of online Quiz Competition on Constitutional Law.

Syllabus for the Quizzical Karma – Subject- Constitutional Law

Sub topics- Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, High Court, Supreme Court, Emergency

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Registration fee- 30 Rs Only
Candidates are required to register and pay the required amount.

Payment can be made through-Paytm/Google pay- 7050334644
Quiz Date- June 10, 2020

Quiz Time- 5pm-5:20pm
Format –

• The quiz will be online.

• The question will be MCQs. 

• The participants can Participate from their home or hostel with the use of laptop or mobile phone according to their convenience.


– Quiz will be of 30 questions.

• Time provided will be 20 minutes.

• Each correct answer shall carry  5 mark and every incorrect answer shall carry 1.5 negative marks.

• The last date of registration is 8th June 2020. 

• No extra time will be provided to any participant.

• In case of tie, the one who would have less number of attempts will be given priority as the result will be decided on the basis of accuracy.

•The decision of organising committee will be fair and final


There shall be the following prizes:

Winner – Certificate of merit, Cash rewards of ₹500 & Online Internship Opportunity

Runner up– Certificate of merit, Cash rewards of ₹300 & Online Internship Opportunity

Runner-up II- Certificate of merit and Cash rewards of ₹200, Online Internship Opportunity

Online Internship Opportunity for Top 20 Rank holders, with E-Justice India

Free Legal Article Publication for the all participants on the website of E-Justice India.

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# 40 percent off in publication fee with JLSR Journal[ISSN(O): 2582-306X]

E-certificat of Merit will be given to the top 20 rankers.

E-certificate of participation Shall be given to every participant.

For any queries contact: Devanshi Bajpai- 9044882334

Hritik Agrwal- 9113130375

Reach us Email-  [email protected]

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/nishkarsh.rys/

Instagram- https://instagram.com/nkrashtriyayuvasamagam?igshid=pwqkn2gso9se

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