Republic TV CFO moves Supreme Court challenging Mumbai police summons

Mumbai Police has issued summons to S Sundaram, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Republic TV, in the fake TRP scam case.  It has been reported that CFOs may appear before the Mumbai Police on Saturday.

The Mumbai Police has also asked Fakt Marathi and some other officials of box cinema involved in the TRP racket to appear for questioning.  Earlier, the owners of both these TV channels were arrested.

The Mumbai Police has also summoned some officers of the advertising agencies. The information of several revelations is being revealed in the Mumbai Police investigation from the diary of Vishal Bhandari, former employee of Hansa Research.

 It is being said that in this diary received by the police, the names of many family members are recorded, who were being paid to watch so much TV.

Shivesana spokesperson Sanjay Raut has claimed that the TRP game is not a normal scam. 

This is a complete scam of 30 thousand crore. If Mumbai Police Commissioner Paramvir Singh has himself exposed this scam, he will definitely have some concrete evidence. 

Raut said that the reality of the channel which was spewing on the leaders of Maharashtra has been exposed.

Raut also dismissed the allegations over retaliation, stating that the Mumbai Police exposed the racket tampering at the Television Rating Point (TRP) as part of the revenge action.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh, on Thursday, revealed the TRP fraud in TV channels.  Raut said, Mumbai Police has taken bold steps to expose the scam.

The Mumbai Police works in a professional manner.  No action will be taken against change or hostility, but the way the channels targeted the Maharashtra government and the Thackeray family, is it not malicious?

The court has sent him to police custody till 13 October.

By Priya Kumari