Supreme Court opined the lawyers to respect themselves first as considerably being the members of the Nobel Fraternity and an Intellectual Class:

Justice Arun Mishra who authored the judgement on Monday stated that lawyers being the members of a Noble Fraternity and an intellectual class should learn to respect themselves first while dismissing the writ petition filed by a lawyer repack console allegedly pointing out a “pick and choose” policy adopted by the Registry.

There was an observance that the Registry, which being a part and parcel of the functioning of judicial system is blamed unnecessarily for good reason.

The bench even comprising of Justice S Abdul Nazeer mentioned that while the prevalence of the pandemic unnecessary allegations and reckless remarks are been pointed out by the petitioners against the Registry of Supreme Court. A cost of rupees hundred was imposed by the court as a matter of token to make the lawyer realise what a noble profession he is functioning for and the reliance office duty he ought not have preferred such a petition.

The court envisaged that the large number of petitions are being bought up which are defective in nature, still they are being instituted and being insisted to be bought up in urgently listed matters.

The bench observed that:

 _”It is to be remembered by Worthy lawyers that they are a part of the judicial system, they are officers of the court and are class apart in the society. What may be proper for others may still be improper for them, the exception from them is to be exemplary to the entire society, then only the dignity of noble profession and judicial system can be protected.”_

By Rajat Verma

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