UGC committee suggested to start academic session of university and higher institute in September.

The two committees, which were formed a few days ago by the University Grants Commission, have submitted their respective reports to the University Grants Commission on Friday. Both the committees have presented their views related to many other issues including annual examination of all colleges and universities, online examination, academic session -2020, and conduct of online classes. The UGC will now present this report to the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Based on the guidelines given by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, UGC will issue a guide line for colleges and universities in this regard.

What is in UGC committee report?

According to the information received by trusted sources, the suggestion provided by the universities and experts to the committee is that in view of the Corona infection, the students are allowed to study in the classes at any cost till the situation in the country improves. It will not be good to call because this will cause problems in maintaining physical distance among the students.

Universities and experts also suggested to the committee that students in cities or districts in which there is no corona patient, after the lock-down ends, should be given exemption for preparing for the upcoming entrance examinations so that they can enter the next session So that you can prepare for it.

In the context of conducting online examination, the committee has said in its report that right now all our colleges and universities do not have enough resources to conduct online examination. So it is not possible. Yes, those who have such resources available can get their online examination done.

The committee has also suggested that students who are in the first and second year of graduate and post graduate. A proposal should be passed in the Academic Council to promote them on the basis of the previous semester.

The committee has also given its suggestions on the conduct of online classes to the UGC, in which the committee has given suggestions like reducing extra classes and holidays including online classes on Saturday and Sunday to complete the syllabus in the academic session 2020-21.