An Initiative taken by students of ICFAI University, Dehradun for welfare of the Society.

Arohannam is an initiative taken by the founder Ilsa Fatma (Student of ICFAI Law School) who believes that being a law student it’s our foremost duty to do something for welfare of the society. The main motive of aarohannam is to create legal awareness among the underprivileged section of society and help the helpless.
Arohannam has organised various events on legal awareness in Dehradun ,Patna ,Kanpur.

Ilsa Fatma was awarded for excellence in social service by Samadhan ngo which has 40 years experience in working for the underprivileged women.The founder was also awarded for excellence in legal awareness by a government college of Patna ,A university in Kanpur felicitated team Arohannam for excellence in legal awareness.

Arohannam has organised awareness program in government school and government colleges and a survey on domestic violence has been conducted in 75 houses in the outskirts of selaqui ,many cases have also been reported by team arohannam.

The decision making process of Arohannam is fully democratic as all the members are given equal say.
In this time of crisis when the pandemic is faced across nations , Arohannam is helping the helpless by distributing rations,imparting awareness about the disease.16 cities have been covered by Arohannam and they intend to reach each and every area in order to help the needy people.
The tag line of Arohannam is “Seva hi Dharm hai”

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