“Started her own firm after getting 50 rejections” A success story of Adv. Sonam Chandwani [An IPR Luminary]

A success story of Adv. Sonam Chandwani [An IPR Luminary]

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to tell you a success story of an IPR luminary, Adv. Sonam chandwani.

She randomly decided to persue law- Ms. Chandwani always wanted to became a chef, but that remained a dream and she became a lawyer insted. She felt passionately about Law that was during her first Internship under a Judge.

She tells that

I learnt a lot & realize that I was actually really good at it. After that I studied my heart out and dreamt of wearing that black robe. But when the time came to get a job- I got rejection after rejection. I don’t know what it was, but I tried to be positive- I made legal Notices in the interim and push to get anything.

After my 50th rejection, I decided to step back & regroup. After some contemplation, I decided to start my own firm, everyone thought I was crazy! I was 22 & starting a firm – even my parents tried to talk me out of it. But i decided that it was now or never- I used all my savings to hire one person and rent a small office space it was struggle- there was little work. All my savings were invested in this, so i don’t have any financial stability. I wanted to give up. I wondered if I was just a bad lawyer, but I yanked myself out of it and decided to focus on my strength , “my writing & salesmanship”.

My target was to meet 3 new people everyday & pitch myself- Most did not pay attention to me because I was competing with those who were in the industry for 50 years!

I kept pushing, I had to convince someone to give me a shot and let my work speak for itself. After a few month I landed my first big client – I was over the moon!

I poured my heart into making every little detail perfect & they were so happy that they signed me on, retainer. Thats how I began & slowly I got more clients.

I still remember the feeling of getting my first cheque!

I made all those rejection worth it.

Hopefully you will learn a lot from this and use the lessons learned from this to improve yourself.