Ravi Prakash Mishra (Founder of E-Justice India), Who made a significant contribution in the field of legal education during the corona Pandemic

Ravi Prakash Mishra – File Photo

If we look at the context of the India, then a Sanskrit verse is very popular and is often heard from the elders,

हर्तृ र्न गोचरं याति दत्ता भवति विस्तृता।

कल्पान्तेऽपि न या नश्येत् किमन्यद्विद्यया विना।।

That means,

That which is not visible to thieves, which is expanded by giving, which does not perish even at the time of catastrophe, what other substance can there be than knowledge?

In 2020, during the Corona pandemic, when the education system was in complete disarray and as Ravi Prakash Mishra was a law student, Ravi, originally a resident of West Champaran district of Bihar, took the initiative in the field of legal education. Sensing the ups and downs, with the support of his elder brother Advocate Rishabh Kumar Mishra, he laid the foundation of E-Justice India, whose objective was to provide free education in the Indian legal sector and to create awareness in rural areas.

During the epidemic, the whole educational world was in trouble, then seeing a ray of hope in the form of E Justice India, people from all over the world started joining it and in 3 months more than 10000 students, advocates, professors etc. were joined.

After that, he invited some eminent Personalities like judges, advocates and politicians of the country and organized lectures and training sessions on various legal issues, mainly lectures by former Chief Justice of India Justice KG Balakrishnan, lectures by Advocate Firdous Karachiwala, Master Trainer of Mediation. Lecture of CNICA Chairman D Sarvanan, lecture of eminent advocate and lawyer of Nirbhaya case Dr AP Singh, lecture of Loksabha MP Dr. Maneka Gandhi etc. were organized.

At the same time, he along with many lawyers of the country took the next step to provide free legal education in Indian Legal Sector, in which many people from the country and abroad have benefited by joining and are taking benefit till now.

So far, apart from India, more than 30000 people associated with legal field from more than 15 countries including America, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Canada, Ghana have benefited from this step taken by them.

In which students, professors etc of More then 200 Universities of the country and abroad like NLU Bhopal, NLSIU Bangalore, Dr. Ambedkar University Chennai, GLC Mumbai, NMIMS Mumbai, Kurukshetra University, Chanakya National Law University, KIIT University, Maharaja Agrasen University, Indore University, IMS University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University, Uttaranchal University, Aligarh Muslim University, etc. have taken benefit through E-Justice India.

The result of his hard-work was that in the ranking released by Feedspot in the month of October 2020, E-Justice India got the 39th rank in the list of India’s top 100 legal and law platforms and currently it is in 37th position.

He has also organized awareness campaigns through legal camps in rural areas of Bihar.

Apart from this, till now more than 1000 students of the country and abroad were given training in research and writing in the legal field through Internship Program and it is continuing.

The goal of Ravi Prakash Mishra is to provide legal education, free legal aid and spread legal awareness about the legal, Political and social rights of the people and residence of the lower society and rural areas in the upcoming years, so that they can become empowered and aware about their rights.

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