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Career Aspects and Opportunities in Law

Career Aspects in Law Author :- Prity Kumari Career Aspects and Opportunities in Law When one hear the word “law”, the mind visualises some pictures and started creating a movie scene of court room battles, in which a person bearing white shirt, black pant and having a big black gown, a statue of Lady Justice,


HOW TO REGISTER A COPYRIGHT IN INDIA? Author :- Anant Shankar HOW TO REGISTER A COPYRIGHT IN INDIA? Before understanding how to Copyright a property we need to understand, what Copyright is. Copyright is a type of intellectual property that provides an owner the right to make copies of his work, for time being. The


HOW TO FILE FIR Author :- Arisha As the crimes are increasing day-by-day in the world. So for maintaining the proper functioning of the country and maintaining a legal system so that everything is in pace there must be some rights given to the peoples so that the crimes can be reported by anyone at

What is Sharia law?

Author :- Sandeep Rana Introduction  Sharia law is a legal system of Islam. It is derived from the Quran- Islam Centre text and fatwa which are the rulings of Islamic scholars. Sharia means “the clear, the way to water”. In Islamic terminology, Sharia means the legal system or law of Islam. Allah has sent a


HOW A BILL BECOMES LAW Author :- SYEDA KHIZRA RIZVI INTRODUCTION Private Member Bill versus Government Bill When a bill is introduced in the house by a minister, it is called public bill or government bill but when the bill is introduced by any other member than a minister, then it is called private member

Introduction of Kidnapping and Abduction

Introduction of Kidnapping and Abduction Author :- Kirti Singh Introduction The Offences related to the Kidnapping and Abduction covered under chapter IV of the Indian Penal Code, which states about the offences against custody and security. As per the provision of IPC, Section 359 to 374 talks about kidnapping and abduction and the punishment varying


Author :- Adhyaru Jeni Nandkumar “Little souls find their way to you, whether they are from your womb or someone else’s – Sheryl Crow Where being a parent is a blessing, the infertility is a curse in India. In India infertility is a social stigma. Indian society has got a very stable family structure, strong

How to file online RTI on RTI Portal

How to file online RTI Author:- Akshata Every citizen of India has the right to information to understand how their elected representative   person is doing their function as covered under Article 19 (1)(a) of the Constitution of India. The Right to Information Act,2005 enacted to set out the rules and procedure with regards to citizen’s