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E-Justice India Court Ambassador Programme

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2G Spectrum Case: Delhi HC Issues Notice in ED, CBI’s Applications Seeking Early Hearing in Appeals

On Thursday the Delhi High Court sought response from former Telecom Minister A Raja and others on an appeal by the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate against the decision of the special court in the 2G spectrum case. The special court acquitted all the individuals and companies accused in the case. A Single Judge Bench


MINORITIES AND HUMAN RIGHTS Author : Ishita Arora “The claim of a country to civilization depends on the treatment it extends to the minorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi WHO ARE MINORITIES? In layman’s language, the term “minority’ means a group which comprises of less than half of the population and they differ from others in terms

Allahabad HC records disposal of 33,512 cases during restricted functioning amid COVID-19

Allahabad HC records disposal of 33512 cases during restricted functioning amid COVID-19 The Allahabad High Court has arranged of 26,458 cases through its vital Seat and 7,054 cases through its Lucknow Seat amid its limited working in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. The Court had commenced physical hearings taking after and arrange dated June


CIVIL FRAUD VS CRIMINAL FRAUD Author : Tanvi Gupta “The conduct at issue in criminal cases is generally more serious than civil cases and frequently involves intent,”                                                                           – Peter Anderson Introduction Fraud is any dishonest act by which one intends to gain advantage over another person. This can cause loss to victim directly or

Criminology and its Theory

Criminology and its theory Author : Hasna Abbas Criminology is the study of crime from a social perspective and abnormal behaviors of the person who commits the crime and also examining the facts that why they commit them, and how to prevent them. The word criminology is coming from the Latin word ‘crimen’ which means