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Marriages can be registered on video conference virtually, in presence of Parties: Delhi High Court

Marriages can be registered in the virtual presence of parties, the Delhi High Court has ruled, saying that in the present times, citizens cannot be prevented from exercising their rights because of a rigid interpretation of law which calls for “personal presence”. Hearing a plea by a US-based Indian couple seeking to register their marriage

SC declines to hear PIL on herbal concoction said to have shown results in Covid-19 patients

By Sushma Narayanan The Supreme Court declined to hear a PIL seeking a direction to allow to restart the distribution of a “herbal concoction” claiming it has shown miraculous results in numerous COVID 19 patients, including critical patients with low oxygen levels. The suit filed by law students( Abhinandan C ) and submitted before the

The Right to be forgotten: An Accused is entitled to Redact His Name from Court Orders Once Acquitted, says the Madras High Court

By Ruzela Da Cruz The ‘Right to be Forgotten’ is the right to have the personal information of a person which is publicly available to be lawfully removed from public records including the internet. The Madras High Court recently made an important observation regarding this essential Right to be forgotten. Justice N Anand Venkatesh observed

Petition filed by an Advocate in Delhi High Court, challenging the new IT Rules, 2021

By Ramandeep Kaur Mr. Uday Bedi, an advocate has filed a petition in Delhi High Court challenging 3 and 4 of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Codes) Rules, 2021. Thus, putting a question mark on the validity of said enactment concerning grievances addresses system of social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and