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Author: Ayushi Kumari (The ICFAI University, Dehradun) INTRODUCTION Malicious prosecution and arrest, as well as malicious bankruptcy and liquidation procedures (civil proceedings), malicious execution of process against property, and malicious search, are all examples of malicious processes. The malicious aim of unsuccessful criminal, bankruptcy, or liquidation actions against someone without reasonable or probable grounds is

President’s rule and the Indian Federalism: A Critical Analysis of Article 356 of The Indian Constitution

Author: Pari Agrawal TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Introduction Research Problem Existing Legal Situation Literature Review Scope and Objectives Research Questions Hypothesis Research Methodology What is an Emergency? Types of Emergencies National Emergency State Emergency Financial Emergency Justiciability of Proclamation under Article 356 S. R. Bommai v Union of India Misuse of Powers Political Misuse of

Vicarious Liability of the State

Author: Sachi Upadhyay The legal adage “Qui facit via alium facit per se,” which means “he who acts through another performs the deed himself,” and respondeat superior which the superior’s responsibility for their subordinate’s actions, or, in a broader sense, the responsibility of any third party who had the “right, ability, or duty to control”


Author: Kritika Soni INTRODUCTION The Law of Torts recognizes a number of actions in trespass. This research note deals with the tort of Trespass to Person. It’s the direct and intentional interference with an individual’s bodily integrity or the apprehension of injury to oneself. This is perhaps the reason why a remedy against this tort

The Public Prosecutor and the important provisions for the Public Prosecutor listed under CrPC

Author: Satyam Kumar INTRODUCTION A Public Prosecutor is a legal representative of the government either to Central Government or Stare Government, in a criminal trial case brought against an accused person. They are recognised as legal professionals by the court in which they intent to represent the society. They are duly bound to assist the

Revitalization of forest conservation laws in India

Author: Aadya Dipti Abstract We have different laws regarding protection of environment in India. Forest is part of environment and is one of the important resources. As the population increases, people start clearing forest area for satisfying their need. This arises the need for introducing forest conservation laws to protect forest. British administration first implemented