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Rape Roots

Author: Esha Yadav (Law College Dehradun) A report compiled from government sources by UN showed that annually more 250,00 cases of rape or attempted to rape recorded by police and this reported data covered 65 countries .A survey was done by UN for 100 women who suffered sexual violence in their life in which 2.3

Sources of Hindu Law

Author: Priyanka Yadav Introduction India is a secular state where different religious group live together like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and many others. Hindu law is one of the oldest known jurisprudence theories and this law has been established by people, not for the purpose of removing any crime from the society but

Important provisions of The State Executive under the Constitution of India with Case laws

Author: JESWIN JAMES Abstract This article briefly discusses about the salient provisions of the State Executive under the Constitution which includes the general structure of the State Executive, Governor – powers and functions, provisions regarding the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister, relationship between the Governor – ministers and Governor – President with