Wanted to become a Psychologist, Luck made a lawyer – Adv. Kulin Dave

Edited By :- Rahul Raj

As a part of our initiative we invited another Passionate Advocate Kulin Dave to share his Success story with us to motivate our readers. Mr. Dave is Managing Partner of Dave & Rizvi Associates.

Mr. Kulin Dave Says that, Setting about the early stages of my Life, Initially I came from a family background which was mostly of the white collars from the commerce arena. But I had some other plans. I always had a great interest in the field of psychology and I wanted to pursue this subject for my career so that I could bring difference on the cognitive stage of people’ intellect and would help them in overcoming from their psychological ailments. But after a motivational discussion and encouragement from my brother I decided to turn my way towards the field of Law and Justice. I studied law and was soon certified with a degree and started pursuing my legal profession.

Initially I found no interest in doing this job but after joining as an intern to Adv. Mehul Shah who later on became my mentor in this field I started observing things differently and there was a keen interest in me regarding law. It was really a sight to the eyes when I used to see him arguing avidly and making the case look from a different perspective just by putting his brilliant arguments. This passion of his changed something inside me and I too started taking this job seriously and with a great interest.

I started observing that this was the personality I always wanted to have. With the passage of time I started gaining experience while working with several top law firms. But soon I was at the nadir of my career because I faced rejections coming from everywhere.
This was the time when I gathered all my confidence and decided to start my personal career as a legal practitioner similar to the ways chosen by Mehul sir.

I started working day and night and began to increase my network in the legal arena by setting up good relations with the intellectuals in this field and I also started to upload the all my articles on different websites. Soon the results were by my side and there was a change in people’s perception regarding me, who had seen me earlier.They acknowledged the changes in me and also appreciated for the same.
Now I have started working with Nasir Rizvi as a managing partner in our firm Dave and Rizvi associates. This firm covers all the legal spheres and provides resultant solutions to the legal problems. The one man who provides strength to this firm is Mr kulin Dave. This firm was founded by me when I was in my twenties and since then there has been only one ambition of mine which is to provide Excellence and Integrity in our service. I also pursued my initial interest which was psychology and completed my diploma in psychotherapy .

At the end I would like to thank my brother for encouraging and motivating me towards this interesting field of law and also my heartiest regards to my mentor Mehul sir who made me look towards legal profession from a different yet very interesting perspective.