Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Updates: 7 dead, 2,000 affected in LG Polymers gas leak, PM Modi speaks to Jagan Reddy

Gas Leak in Visakhapatnam: A major gas leak at LG Polymer chemical plant in Visakhapatnam has left hundreds sick and at least 7 dead :

This happened as major gas leak at a chemical plant in Vizag.

At least 7 people died while 170 people hospitalized.

Major gas leak at LG Polymers chemical plant in Visakhapatnam has left 7 people died and 170 people hospitalized. People reported irritation to skin burn, some animals died, including a child. Hundreds of villagers were rushed to nearby hospitals in Visakhapatnam with complaints of headache, vomiting and breathing problems.

This happened around 2:30 AM on Thursday. Many were seen trying to reach ambulance with the unconscious children in their arms.

By Aman Pandey of Law College Dehradun