The plea claimed that there was a strong evidence that coronavirus or COVID-19 spread or originated from the china’s Wuhan Institute of Virology which “destroyed” the Indian economy and killed hundreds of citizens. The petition, filed by the Madurai resident K K Ramesh, has alleged that COVID-19 has been “deliberately created by china as biological

Vizag gas leak: Andhra Pradesh High Court takes suo moto cognizance of the incident, directs State to take all necessary mitigating steps:

CORAM: HONORABLE CHIEF JUSTICE SRI JITENDRA KUMAR MAHESWARI   ANDHONOURABLE SMT. JUSTICE LALITHA KANNEGANTI SUO MOTU WP (PIL) NO: 112 OF 2020.Case title: In re. Poisonous gas leakage in VisakhapatnamVersusThe state of Andhra Pradesh and other’s. Writ Petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India praying to issue a Writ, order or direction, in the

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA [Articles 12 – 18]

Articles 12 – 18 INTRODUCTIONPart III, containing the Fundamental Rights, is undoubtedly the most significant provision of our Constitution. Of them, the Right to Constitutional Remedies, contained in Article 32, was termed by Dr. B R Ambedkar as the “heart and soul” of the Constitution. INSPIRATIONFundamental Rights, as incorporated in Part III of our Constitution,

Acceptance of Contract

Acceptance of Contract Acceptance is not a separate act. We can say that to constitute a valid contract acceptance is an important element. Agreement and enforceable by law consolidately forms Contract. Agreement incorporate two terms i.e OFFER and ACCEPTANCE. According to ICA 1872, acceptance has been defined in S.2(b)  In simple words acceptance means to

Agreement and its Enforcement

Agreement and its Enforcement Author : Tanya Shrotriya The role played by two parties for an agreement is a promise from their ends. Promise is the result of an offer made by a person and its acceptance by other. It has been acknowledged by the both parties. Agreement lays the foundation of a contract.       Promise